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The Bogues

Listed on David Greenberger's Top Ten of 1995

The fastest selling Casino release to date is nothing but a party. Everyone seems to love this record, except for Lou Reed that is. The NYC legend is parodied on the Bogues' "My Name Is Lou" and has refused to respond to any questions about the song or the group. The guys in shipping say something in Spanish that means we don't have many of these babies left so Grab A Copy!


  • Mahalia Jackson
  • Uniform
  • My name is Lou
  • You remind me of my mother
  • Nice Place
  • Better than I am
  • Florida
  • Who's your friend?
  • Do not disturb
  • Alcohol
  • Babette
  • If I vegitate
  • Evening comes
  • Fat rat
  • Time will come tomorrow

Only $10.00! Contact us to order.

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