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Good Clean Fun

The Bogues

Although only a few months old, this album has earned a spot in Creative Loafing writer Gregory Nicoll's CD player at the "Turn of the Century", it should find a place in yours too.

The follow up to Stereo Sound Blast promises to be an even bigger hit. Radio stations across central Florida have hitched their wagons to the Bogues snowball as it tumbles down the mountain. Hits include "Shower Massage" ("Good clean fun...It was a party of one")," Wood Is Good," "No I.D.," and "Puppy Dog." Cover art by the Bogues. A Bogue, incidentally, is the term used by car salesman describing someone on the lot that has no intention of buying. Don't Bogue us baby, Buy Now!

Only $10.00! Contact us to order.

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