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East Of Easter

Clay Harper

David Greenberger found the tunes so catchy that he still finds himself, "walking down the street singing 'Health food and homicide, put your money down.' "

A collaborative effort by Eric Goulden, the artist formerly known as Wreckless Eric, and Clay Harper released in 1997. This record features Charles Wolff and Tom Gray, both formerly of Mick Ronson's band. Recorded at Casino Studios in Atlanta, mixed at Hitsville Studios in France and mastered by someone claiming to have mastered the "BEATLES" in London, this truly international effort even features KOREAN background singers. So if you like Wreckless Eric, Clay Harper, Mick Ronson, The Brains, the Beatles or you're Korean, East of Easter is an essential part of your music collection. Buy Several!


  • The Next Contestant
  • Last Man
  • Health Food and Homicide
  • Eye like a Teacher
  • You can have it
  • Even a Rose
  • Airport Holiday Inn
  • Little Charlene
  • Princess Phone
  • Hey

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