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12 O'Clock Stereo

The Hitsville House Band

Cited as "intriguingly orginal, with spot-on lyricism and first-shot sensibility," by RAYGUN magazine.

Featuring ERIC GOULDEN, the artist formerly known as WRECKLESS ERIC.
Dateline: Hitsville Studios, France 1994
A teacup went sailing into the wall just by my right ear. The headphones that were barely held together by some recycled electrical tape hit the opposite wall and exploded. A very disheveled, very dangerous and bitter Englishman looked at me and screamed, "I CAN'T DO IT!" But Eric did do it, the reviews speak for themselves. Eric speaks for himself, and I speak for myself and a contingent of Ethiopian pot dealers when I say Buy This Record!


  • Kilburn Lane
  • Palace of Tears
  • The girl with the wandering eye
  • Murder in my mind
  • Camden girl
  • The twilight home
  • The guitar-shaped swimming pool
  • Miriam-a tale of inter-galactic seduction
  • Friends on the floor
  • You can't be a man (without a beer in your hand)
  • The marginal
  • Can't see the woods (for the trees)

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