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Les Homewreckers

Martin Stone with Laurence Barma

Martin Stone has been involved with more influential rock bands than "connie" from the Grand Funk song. The darling of the British Blues scene, Martin was a founding member of Savoy Brown, but was kicked out for excessive use of LSD. Ray Davies sights Mr. Stone as one of his primary influences in the Kinks song "Top Of The Pops" on the Lola vs Powerman LP and Ray was not alone. Martin went on to membership in London's premier Mod band "the Action." The Action turned into a Mighty Baby. Martin turned into a Moslem and went via donkey to Tim Buk Tu ("I hated that Donkey"). Anyway martin worked his way through A 1000 Blues Legends, Chili Willi and the Red Hot Peppers, Brain Jones, Joe Strummers 101ers, and the Pink Fairies to wind up here, at Casino Studios to record Les Homewreckers. This album was Jerry Garcia's favorite record and I know you'll enjoy it too, hopefully for longer than he did. Buy Now!


  • Feeling Weird
  • Nikki's starin at the walls
  • Take a chance on love
  • She don't like country music
  • Hey GYP
  • Headed for a fall
  • I got the picture
  • I missed you
  • Almost in love with Anne
  • I can't help it

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