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Main Steet

""In a time when movies follow formulas like zombies, it's alive with a killer soundtrack!"
- Suntimes

"Main Steet is a film of nail-biting intensity had audiences literally shouting at the screen in an effort to warn its hero of impending danger. We descend into a London underworld and get wrapped up in a plot so complicated to a degree that seems perverse. However, the addition of considerable wit makes this seem saintly.

The director, Clay Harper has always demonstrated a penchant for indelible images, and on a purely visual level his work here ranks with the splendor of Alien and Blade Runner. This movie is high voltage. As an unfolding event, "Main Street" is mesmerizing to watch. Clay is almost winking at us that the plot takes talent to understand.

The plot assembles its excentric, dazzling cast in interlocking stories involving crooked djs, stolen goods and pigs. However a family trapped in the middle are the most intriguing parts of the movie.

If this summary seems truncated, it's because an accurate description of this movie dialogue might read like the missing chapters of a crime novel. Clay has an aggressive camera style, the movie is not boring, it builds and builds till it arrives somewhere. It's hard to not care about these characters because from moment to moment what happens to them seems controlled by chance.

It is almost like this movie is saying that the lights are blazing and the music's playing nice and loud! With a soundtrack that will blow you away! "

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  • Too deep to sleep- Confessions of a Beatles casualty
  • Broken Window- The Main Street Theme
  • They're speaking Spanish in the kitchen (and love is in the air)
  • She told him your a good man
  • Carolina (You ain't superstar material)
  • 9 to 5 on a payphone (Go on home we got business to do)
  • Tired eyes (vs The Pimp in the Mirror)
  • Of course it fell apart, what did you expect
  • She got her kids on the weekend
  • I wonder if you understand (it's only that my hands were tired)
  • Too deep for sleep part II
  • Main Street
  • You ain't superstar material "no baby's Mama Drama (DJ Gnosis
  • remix)

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