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Ottoman Gold

Ottoman Empire

"These songs are so well crafted, the hooks so sharp and barbed, that you'll want to listen to every grind, crunch and twang of the guitars, every thump of the bass, every boogie-woogie piano solo, every snap of the toms and snare drum rattle."
- Option

The second CD by the now defunct Empire was produced by Eric Goulden a.k.a. Wreckless Eric and according to some, one of the top 5 records of all time! A priest in central Tennessee bought this record and was later acquitted on all charges. A young fellow in Kansas had the opportunity to purchase Ottoman Gold but decided to pass. He was later bitten by a pit bull while he was raking the yard. Don't Delay, Order Today!


  • Fencing Girl
  • Love Child
  • An American in Paris
  • Get out of my Life
  • Gatwick Village
  • I should be happy
  • Made my move
  • End of the World
  • Stages
  • I Don't want to know
  • Jaunita
  • Save the Day
  • Miss her Days

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